Low weight, low cost, high output…

tinidazole cheap without a prescription Standout features of the latest step forward in integrating solid state UV curing into high-resolution inkjet print engines – from the market’s number one innovator, Integration Technology Ltd (ITL)

New Pincure can initiate a photochemical reaction with a degree of precision not previously possible with bulb technology.

Being air cooled, it’s more energy efficient than water-cooled alternatives.

The LED Pincure’s UV LED lamp head and power supply deliver an intense beam of UV whilst requiring a meagre 20W of electrical energy and at 125g/head, it is adding little extra weight to your printing carriage.

And its standard 80mm curing array is scalable by multiples of 80mm to suit specific applications – a unique proposition in today’s marketplace.

Pincure/How It Works

The high intensity of the Pincure ensures that each ink droplet is frozen on the media as it is jetted, but with a surface energy tension which readily accepts further droplets, giving an effective colour ‘lift’ without any inter-layer adhesion problems.

Furthermore, each array features infinitely variable output allowing it to be ‘tuned’ to the individual colour or type of ink being jetted.

The high speed switching of the Pincure array allows it to be switched on and off in sequence with the printhead, thereby eliminating the risk of stray UV light reflecting back into the printheads and causing irreparable damage.

High intensity LED arrays need precise cooling to give optimum output: the cooler the temperature of the LED’s, the better the UV output.

The advanced air cooling system of the Pincure ensures that it can be placed alongside a heated printhead without any risk of thermal cross interference.

buy generic Pregabalin online Designed in-house at ITL’s R&D unit in the UK, the super slim Pincure is accurate, efficient and low-cost to buy and run, with no consumable parts or service requirements.

Pincure/Standard Features

  • 1.2W/cm² intensity
  • 395nm
  • 1 Power supply can handle up to 8 Heads
  • High Flex Cable up to 15m
  • 80mm-5mm strip of curing area
  • One year Warranty

Pincure/Compliances (proposed)

  • CE/UL 60950
  • ISO CE CB EN60950-1
  • CE EN 60204
  • EMC EN 55015
  • EMC EN 61000

Pincure/Power Supply

100/240V 50 / 60Hz

(Other power supply specifications available on request)